Goat's Lodge

by The Bootheel

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released January 10, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Jonathan James at Nick Sibley Music.
Mastered by Carl Saff.



all rights reserved


The Bootheel Springfield, Missouri

Been doing this since 2008. We probably should have been taking night classes instead.

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Track Name: Northsider
This don't feel right
down in the belly of the beast
I can feel the night creeping
in around me

I'll bury my head in the sand
if what it takes to be a man
is to face your fear
then I guess I'm just a boy
if I closed the door on everything
I ever did that caused you pain
well I guess there wouldn't be too much that's left

couldn't you tell
that I'm not proud?
couldn't you tell
that I couldn't work it out?

take it all
away from me
I'm not any better
than I've ever been
is this what you wanted?
what you wanted from me?

if it's bad is it still art?
you tried to clot a bleeding heart
but it's been put to pasture
where it's end of days will be
I'm falling back on my old haunts
and my mouth is full of bitter taunts
things didn't turn out
the way I thought they'd be

we could've had it all, my friend
we could've made it start to beat again
grace alone won't put the breath
back inside our body's crooked death
Track Name: Kickin' Dust
I will be your fool
just don't tell me what to do
I can play dumb
with the best of them
I know how to get under your skin

yes I do

you talk too much
you spit it up
you're kickin' dust

you moved to Minneapolis
said you couldn't take any more of this
was Sioux Falls really all that bad?
you stayed home,
getting drunk with your dad.

yes you did

(I've got the joy down in my heart)
Track Name: Game Six
this situation's getting desperate
it's gonna take a bit of effort
to scratch and claw
back to where we were
that line has faded to a blur

this what we've wrought
the lives that time forgot
we're old as dirt
and yet,
we're decoupled from our thoughts

I've been tracing your steps
in the days of your flesh
consciousness is a byproduct
of existence
so what the hell do I know?

the only constant is sound

second person narratives
are no way to live
this old belief
found in the truth
of more libations
brings us the essence of salvation

down to the wire
we're about to expire
dug to the center of the earth
in search of a rebirth
Track Name: The Fatted Calf
mama, I'm gonna find a fix tonight
you known I've been itching
to make something right
could you keep it to yourself?
could you play it cool?
the well-water is poisoned
and I drink like a fool

I'm not the one you want
I'm not gonna carry that stone
your temple didn't build itself
the potter's crippled hand
made the flowers wilt

we're here to break the backs
of those that crack the whips
as tender flesh
passes their open lips
the fatted calf is fully grown
the bull's gonna take back
what he owns
Track Name: Stealing Thunder
we had rats
they were plagued
so we stuck them in their bellies
and they bled for days
and the poison
that we consumed
found a little daylight
and took root

your electric teeth gleamed
like a knife in the sun
the business end was cheated
and you were looking to take a tongue
the farther out you reached
the more you saw how the deed was done
the rotten planks of this dead ship
cast a pall over everyone

we should've never followed you
Stealing Thunder is in the deepest blue
vengeance weighs down a blackened heart
like an anchor to this crew
you better find your own way home, man
'cause you better know
we're done with you
Track Name: Trace Chain
blooms in the barren plain
gather in
unending lifeless haze

I am sorrow
I am pain
I am sodden once again

we find our way
by touch alone
sight has left these rigid bones

hate may dwell
and hate may be
hate is what has shackled thee
Track Name: Moon Base
concrete believer
you were born
to be a faith healer
lay your hands
upon my brow
sacred tongues
rattle in your jowl
every silver coin is a testament
to Babylon's second ascent

I slept for all those years
so I could stay awake for this
I washed your feet
in rememberance
of all the hands
that I've kissed
regret has dragged it's claws
across the small of my back
I break my neck
to take a look
at the wreckage that has passed

we laid the bricks
upon which your alter was built
we wove the cloth
upon which your blood
would be spilt
the abundance of your coffer
is the measure of success
we lay our heads down
where the wicked go to rest

tend to your flock
you shepherds of rot
your staff leads us
into the dens of wolves
if this is penance
than what are our sins?
surely this can't be forgiven
Track Name: Good Time
can your legs
take you far from this place?
don't got a car but a pretty face...
it takes some smarts
it takes some heart
it takes some money you don't got
but a ride away from home
is a life to pay your love
do you love to cry?
when it happens,
do you die?

did you know I have it made?
did you know I've never paid
to ever have a good time?
do you wanna have a good time?

it's been three long fucking years
and three hundred million beers
and still I can't forget
it still leaves me a fucking wreck
you can't put your hope in trust
over time it starts to rust
you know, you cannot stop the weather
no, you cannot stop the weather

are you hungry?
are you weak without me?
Track Name: New Way
this is the new way
it's better for you now
not like the old way
and I could show you how
to make it alright

I'd like to show you
the things that I can do
I'd like to know you
and you could know me too
and that it'd be alright

yeah, that it'd be alright
Track Name: Cave Dude
the sound of the rapture
is falling away
you said that you loved it
and wanted it to stay
you painted a picture
and thought it was great
the sound of the rapture
is falling away

you're so brave

let's keep it current
and act like we knew
congratulate yourself
for all that you do
the wheel is turning
and you're long in the tooth
let's keep it current
and act like we knew